Transition Model

Change Management is critical to any organization. If not done properly, it may impact the effectiveness and result of the new upgrade. Knack Global fully understands that medical units have an existing system, set parameters, and structure. Once they outsource a project from us, we take full responsibility for the smooth transition from the initial level to a fully functional upgraded level. As substantial changes in technology, structure, processes, and culture are involved, we try to deeply understand it from the individual’s level.

Knack Global developed the Transition Model for constructing a structured approach towards successful change management. We have a consistent record of building and executing transitions for organizations. We have built credibility and brand value in the market with our expertise and dedication.

We engage in comprehensive methodologies to ensure a hassle-free transition. Each of the steps are executed with a detailed strategy.


Knack Global has a specialized team for implementing the Transition Model. This team is a cross-functional group of professionals with multi-disciplinary experience in quality, operations, IT, project management and business process transition. We integrate all functions and enable organizations to glide their way smoothly. There are some risk mitigation strategies in place and proven plans to manage your transition issues.

Our transitioning team at Knack Global has the expertise of diverse EMR/EHR softwares, understanding of the process flow of information & ensuring it’s adaptability within the team’s so that you can reap benefits of offshore service without any glitches when working with Knack Global. We have available experienced resources to be deployed for the initiation of any RCM project. 

When transition reaches study state, certification process will be carried out for all team members to asses their knowledge and evaluate their perfomance.


Key Features

  • Knowledge Sharing and Transferring.
  • Project Management
  • Process & Control Documentation.
  • Detailed Training Plan and Schedule.
  • Quality Assurance Deliverables.
  • Acquiring, Developing and Managing the Project Team.
  • Preparing SOP’s & Procedures.
  • Go Live Checklist
  • Performance Monitoring Plan.


We have devised proven and tested methodologies for a smooth and effective transition and you can leverage our capabilities.

We have the following road map to ensure the transition model is implemented effectively.


Knack Global is an experienced service provider and we fully understand the implication of transition. We believe in knowledge management and making informed decisions. Our customized tool kits and questionnaires help us in extracting crucial information and tailoring the entire process. The specialized team prepares a detailed analysis report and we base our further road map in accordance with the analysis. Detailed policies and procedures help us manage tasks more effectively. Periodic review and calibrations further ensure consistency and tracking of the progress.


Knack Global’s service delivery model is a result of years of expertise and experience in the industry. With our transparency and customized technology platforms, you are fully aware of the project progression. You can keep a tab on complete information with custom modules and reports. This makes deliverables tracking much easier and you can always monitor with the project’s scope of work.


Commitment to quality and service excellence is our central value system. Our proactive and responsive approach empowers us in improving processes and delivers operational excellence.


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