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The advent of technological advancements has transformed the way business functions. Digital intervention, programming, data mining and process automation has made the industry more advanced. Healthcare has always been a proactive industry in adopting the technology and leveraging on advancements. The complex nature of medical process and high priority for quality has been the marker for these developments.

The way hospitals and clinics function are now more intelligent and optimized. It has minimized errors, attained precision and paced the way operational cycle executes. As a medical care unit, you may constantly strive to upgrade and upscale the way you function, process information and key deliverable’s.

Knack Global considers your business priorities and strategic orientation in the market and help you with technological solutions. Our expertise in the RCM cycle has helped us to escalate our capabilities in Information technology as well. Be it business process, management or control, our technology solutions let you have competitive edge. Our solutions include application development, IT maintenance and Infrastructure monitoring. We have three main solutions just enough to meet your multifaceted needs.

Our solutions meet your revenue cycle challenges in a strategic way. You can expect a fully integrated in-house platform that is a total optimization of your business.

Benefits of Knack Global Technology Solutions

  • End to end management of your RCM work flow
  • Efficient and accurate billing system
  • High precision coding and payments
  • Improvement in the clinical workflow and document control
  • Our applications help you optimize workflow
  • Enhanced control over your procedures
  • Real time dashboard and work status
  • Better action plans and implementation of solutions


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