Knack Global has developed various advanced products for catering to the multi-faceted needs of our clients. STATCred is one such development to help you optimize your business and utilize our expertise in the healthcare industry.



Our reporting is prompt and responsive with monthly/weekly status updates. As per your service plan, you will receive a report to determine the current scenario. STATcred summarizes the completed, in-progress and analysis reports of current projects.

National Credentialing:

STATcred is a user-friendly and widespread application. It works with all payors and can be utilized across the 50 states in the USA.


STATcred provides an platform for credentialing experts which will deliver value to clients. It is one of the major needs for medical centers and STATcred helps you attain it with high accuracy.

Types of Clients:

Knack Global’s exhaustive list of clients has enabled it to be so multivariate. Our network of credentialing experts, solo practitioners, and national organizations has helped us to cater to different aspects of the business. We have extensive experience with all medical specialties and even sub-specialties.

Work flow:

We have employed a web-based credentialing system STATcred. This enables us to effectively manage the process with faster speed and more efficiency.

Statcred Web-Based features:

Work Orders:

Work orders can be created and re-assigned very quickly under this feature. This is accurate and gives you better effectiveness than manually doing it.


The STATcred Dashboard is highly useful for understanding status. It has multiple options like Works, Expiry Notifications, Project Tasks, and Reminders. The Works section lets you track your pending tasks. The Expiry Notification keeps tab of any upcoming expiry dates within 30 days. In the Task tab, you can track the current status of each ongoing work. Reminders keeps you aware for upcoming notifications.


The Client Section lets you check all details for clients. It is an easy search and you can view both active and non-active clients.


In the providers section, you can check all provider-related information. It is a single click search and a user-friendly option.


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