Six Sigma Quality Approach

Healthcare Industry is complex and has integrated functions. We have in-depth analysis and insightful data to understand the implications of its processes. Six Sigma is a proven management tool to help optimize any business process and minimize errors. It has a crucial relevance in the healthcare industry as it helps eliminates the wastes and improve patient care. There has been an upsurge in the utilization of Six Sigma by major industry players as it has a multiplier effect in enhancing the business profitability. Knack Global fully understands the nuances of this industry and we have the proficiency of utilizing our expertise in tapping the power of Six Sigma. It creates better business results and delivers value.

Knack Global believes in creating better awareness about the quality management principles and utilizing it for improving your medical practice. As this market is competitive and patients make decisions based on their experience at the medical center, health practitioners need to exceed customer satisfaction in a strategic way.

It is helpful in improving quality delivery of RCM and minimizing defects. Six Sigma assists  in optimizing your RCM which is a major marker in your practice profitability.

Knack Global believes in continual improvement, cost reduction, waste minimization and Six Sigma principles are excellent tools to attain superior quality at every step. It is a process-improvement approach and helps optimize cycle-time.

Our experts are competent in the business modeling and process management of the Heatlhcare industry and Six Sigma implementation is an added wing in our services. In our commitment to build a better business, enhance cash flow, minimize AR and delivering value for our clients, we have ventured to utilize the inherent power of Six Sigma.

Benefits of Six Sigma in Healthcare Division

It is definitely a very challenging strategy to understand and execute. But if done in the right manner, it opens up a new horizon of benefits and growth.
  • It helps you minimize the costs
  • Enhances the efficiency of every process
  • Effective management of each procedure in your RCM
  • Has a substantial impact on administrative and operational systems
  • Improved and consistent quality delivery to the patients
  • Identifying and utilizing the best practices
  • Reducing turnaround time and re-work
  • Prompt and responsive services

  • Speeds up the insurance claims, billing and payment procedures


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