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Knack Global is a comprehensive and experienced player in the healthcare industry. We have dealt with various nuances of this industry and have been partners in managing RCM for many clients. We also help medical billing companies and aggregators to transform their RCM workflow for better results. Our technical expertise and insightful knowledge help us to be trusted partners for medical billing services. If you are providing billing services to your clients, we can help you optimize it with lower costs. As Knack Global handles such services in large volumes, our overhead costs are much lower. Offshoring projects to us will fetch your profit margin with less hassle.

The revenue generation and collection process have multiple complexities and high volume challenges. Tedious tasks like ICD-10 coding, payment posting, quality care and getting reimbursements have become a major hindrance to business profitability.

You may be targeting various care providers and this is making your tasks more complex than ever. If you are intending to manage these problem areas and plan to achieve business profitability, you can leverage our capabilities. Knack Global is an industry expert in RCM services with over a decade of experience across multiple specialties.

Knack Global helps medical billing companies and software providers optimize their costs. Our business model and process technologies can equip you with the right tools and methodologies to manage your RCM:

  • Comprehensive RCM management services
  • We help reduce your overhead costs and operating costs
  • Medical coding is done by proficient and certified pool of coders
  • Improvement of clinical documentation
  • Better metrics and in-depth reports
  • Utilize our best practices for delivering better services to your clients
  • Better quality in your existing projects
  • Leverage on our extensive experience in RCM
  • Highly advanced application services to help you manage data flow across systems

We understand your business motive and how you want to manage the revenue of your clients. Getting services from a trusted partner can help you achieve better cost structures, maximize revenue and meet the compliances. You can count on Knack Global’s capabilities in resolving key challenges and achieve business objectives.

Why Choose Knack Global?

  • This is a competitive market scenario and creating value for your clients is a major differentiator. Our ability to deal with high volumes of data and process it efficiently can be beneficial for your clients. Our scalabilty is our core competency, with proven record of managing multiple service providers, along with meeting their SLAs.
  • Collaborating with Knack Global helps you manage the payment gaps and strengthen the financial performance of your clients.
  • We help you reduce costs substantially.
  • Engage patients and improve the overall experience which adds value to your client’s business
  • We are trusted in the industry and our services can be utilized to deliver value for your clients
  • Dedicated training and resources for managing your issues


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