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Providing medical care and managing the clinical cycle is a complex issue. The operational aspect has to be merged seamlessly with administrative and financial processes. Credentialing and provider enrollments are critical to the quality of your medical services and impact your brand.

Verification of the skills, credibility of education and training is more than just regulatory compliance. It has a cascading effect on your medical services, the revenue generation and your business in general. Credentialing and provider enrollments are a crucial yet cumbersome task. You may be a medical startup or an established medical unit, you may require to revise the precision and robustness of your current system.


Knack Global have comprehensive expertise in the entire RCM workflow. Many of our clients opt for the entire spectrum of services which makes them hassle-free and let them focus on their core competency of providing quality medical care. However, some clinics and hospitals have their in-house system and prefer to outsource provider enrollment and credentialing services alone.

As an industry expert, our team is proficient in credentialing and contracting of the providers. We can handle this across various insurance plans with superior quality. Once you hand over this task to us, you can be assured that it is done right from the first instance.

  • We have high efficiency and effectiveness in handling the formalities
  • Accuracy in database management and records entries
  • Re-credentialing process
  • Tracking expiry dates of documents

The healthcare industry works symbiotically with the insurance companies. As the plethora of providers is applying, often applications are delayed or denied. We focus on a fast and accurate application that helps us make the enrollment process more effective.
You may require enrollment services in various ways:

New Provider Enrolment

This is one of the most challenging tasks and may be cumbersome. Knack Global is extensively experienced in enrolling with various insurance carriers across all 50 states. This had made us capable of handling more varied application processes and dealing with it effectively.

  • We prepare and format the applications and send across for signature
  • We submit and track each application
  • We complete the enrollment applications
  • We verify with the insurance carrier for the specialty of the provider
  • We continually track and address issues related to reimbursements and contracts
  • We offer full enrollment services for a wide array of insurance companies
  • We offer higher accuracy and pace in the system
  • We compile the PINS and process it to the providers with quickly

State Licensure Registrations

You require an active license for any medical practice. We ensure that your license is active and does not hamper your business continuity

Credentialing Review

We source data from the providers and verify it. We check it thoroughly and authenticate the validity of the information submitted.

Application Submission

We custom fit the applications and understand the prerequisites. We ensure applications are submitted with complete information in a timely manner

Who can use Knack Global Enrollment and Credentialing Services:

  • Solo practitioners
  • Small to large multi-state/national groups
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Telehealth companies
  • Radiology centers
  • Imaging centers
  • Sleep labs
  • Behavioral health clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Chiropractic offices
  • Nursing homes
  • DMEs
  • Labs
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Document Maintenance

We have leading-edge web applications that maintain your database for handy use. It is available for verification at any time and it is secured. Knack Global keeps you free from the worry of losing data or misuse of any information. We maintain a comprehensive list of documents like license, DEA/CDS, provider certificates, liability insurance, training documents, bank letters and everything you require for information management.

Our web application has a database of the provider information that can be verified at any point in time. Providers and hospitals can feel secured against loss of data. We offer a range of services in a hassle-free manner and keep a record of all documents.

Document Expiry Tracking

All documents in the healthcare industry need timely renewal. Providers and even healthcare units often miss the on-time renewals. We keep a weekly track of each document and notify the client in advance.

The following types of information are subjected to expiration:

  • Healthcare licenses
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) or Controlled Substance certificates
  • Board certifications.
  • Other certifications as required by the Payors.

Knack Global assures prompt and responsive services for the enrollment and credentialing processes. Our team is expert in handling a multitude of specialties and provider enrollment and can deliver it with better results. We have a transparent process and the client can access all reports on a real-time basis. We ensure quality compliance and round the clock assistance.

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