Physician Groups

Physician Billing Services

Knack Global positions itself as a solution provider across the healthcare industry. Physician Groups can benefit from our expertise in the RCM cycle which helps them to get paid. Our physician billing services are comprehensive including technology, human resources, quality compliance, finance, and analytics. This helps in improving the support system for better patient experience.

Knack Global can improve your Practice Revenue Cycle Efficiency

  • With our physician billing services, we reduce your A/R days and optimize financial performance.
  • With our comprehensive practice management services, we Improve your group performance while transitioning to value-based care
  • With our certified coders, we ensure coding accuracy and reduce the risk of non-compliance
  • With our experienced healthcare professionals, We ensure efficiency in Physician Billing and reduce operational costs

Office-Based Solutions

  • The administrative task in a healthcare unit can be cumbersome and may compromise on the quality of care you intend to deliver to your patients. It further increases the operating costs without adding value to your revenue. Reimbursements may be difficult and payments are often denied due to incorrect coding. Knack Global offers you customized Physician billing services and let you excel in delivering great patient care.
  • Some of the common services that many physician groups prefer to outsource are coding, billing, claims processing, medical transcription, and medical imaging. Once you outsource these services, you free up your valuable resources for your core competency. This not just a cost-effective move but also helps in the business strategy of service excellence.


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