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Knack Global is a comprehensive RCM service expert providing leading-edge solutions to many healthcare providers. As a professional organization with extensive experience in each area of the RCM workflow, we have mastered the right techniques and blended it with technological expertise to deliver effective solutions. Whilst we are delivering the complete RCM cycle management services, some healthcare providers require only one or few steps of the entire cycle. Medical Coding is one such service that is high in demand due to its importance.

Getting your claims paid right from the first submission can be impressively enhanced by leveraging on our professional medical coding services.


It not only saves time but gives you the advantage of saving the opportunity costs involved in denials due to coding errors.

As the complexity of medical coding and billing procedures cause hassle to the medical centers, it is observed that sourcing this service from a company can be a cost saver. We have certified Medical Coders who are regularly updated with latest coding changes. You can be assured of high accuracy and quality when it comes to medical coding. 


What is Medical Coding and how it impacts your Revenue?

Medical Coding is the transformative system that has brought standardization to the healthcare industry. Each procedure, diagnosis, and services have a code assigned to it, which are then being used for filing claims to Insurance companies. If not being billed with compliance driven process and any errors may affect the RCM Workflow.

Our Services

Knack Global provides complete medical coding services. Our expertise includes:

  • CPT and HCPCS coding
    These are done as per AMA and CMS guidelines for any tests or surgeries.
  • ICD coding
    We can perform the ICD coding as per CPT & HCPCS. This is also based on AMA and CMS guidelines.

Medical Coding requires regular enrichment of changing guidelines. We have professionals certified by AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) and offer medical coding services across all specialties. Our process is designed to suit the needs of healthcare units and practices. We have a structured approach and are well versed with ICD 10, CPT 4, and HCPCS coding resources.

  • We have a stringent quality system to comply with HIPAA regulations. This helps us in the timely processing of claims.
  • Trained staff complying with AHIMA rules
  • Extensively trained coding staff for managing varied specialties.
  • Our certified coder’s team delivers accurate procedures with  high precision.

Our Medical Coding experts covers all major medical specialties with complete RCM solutions. Some of the major one's are listed below :

Advantages of choosing Medical Coding Services from Knack Global

Whilst medical coding may seem like a regulatory and clerical process, it is crucial to understand that any error can cost you loss of revenues. Choosing an experienced medical coding service provider may help you with accurate and clean claim processing with the best turnaround time. As we are RCM experts, we know how to merge each service within your existing RCM functionality.

  • We provide services for all specialties
  • Compliance with regulatory and governmental bodies
  • Extensive experience across specialities and latest coding guidelines. 
  • Expertise with different billing softwares
  • Transparency and consistency in every transaction
  • Detailed reports and analytics
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Infrastructure and technological capability to match your scalability needs
  • Data optimization and expertise to give you insights into your coding patterns and work on improving other steps of the RCM workflow

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