Medical Billing Services

Knack Global is an End to End RCM Service Expert and we are flexible when it comes to offering customized solutions to our clients. You may need a specialized set of services to suit your clinic process. Our team aids in delivering specific services which are merged with your existing workflow for seamless operations.

Billing is a crucial part of the RCM cycle and healthcare centers often find it challenging to maintain accuracy and quality control which leads to rejections. As increasing revenue streams is a key challenge, we have fostered a robust system that is directed towards maximized payments.

medical billing services

As a healthcare provider, your competency and operational priorities are focused on offering in-time and quality care for your patients. Whilst you invest a multitude of resources in delivering the best medical services, we take care of your RCM. The absence of accurate, timely and competent billing system often costs huge sums of money to many clinics and hospitals. It includes errors in coding, under-pricing, missing charges, and denied claims. It all has a cumulative effect on your revenue stream affecting your business profitability.

You can rely on our existing RCM capabilities and the ability to deal with complexity in the workflow cycle. Our advanced software platforms process automation structures are known for efficient results.

A competent and reliable professional system will ensure to combat medical billing errors and shortcomings. Our approach is to defined task break up and resolve each hindrance involved in the medical billing cycle. We incorporate best practices blended with the latest technology to build a system that manages medical billing and follow up functions.

The quality assurance team reviews cash posting transactions. We validate each field to ensure the amount, transfer and adjustments.

Denial Management is very important aspect of RCM, as it involves a specific time period within which all claim denials has to be taken care of. Our quality team ensures that denials are being worked and appropriate action is taken on them. It is done swiftly without missing any information to save more time.

Our Services


Charge Posting

We receive detailed information from the provider and practice which is further entered in a standardized form in our database. We are experts in managing demography and charge entry services catering to a multitude of clients. We have been catering to a wide assortment of clientele with both general and specialist services. Once the patient registers for the appointment, we validate his records with our precision demographic identification and verification system.

Patient Demographic Entry Services:

Patient details are recorded and arranged in a retrievable form in the billing software. Complete details of the demographics, insurance cover, employment, sponsor and medical history are available through the system. This acts as a handy catalog for patient data.

Patient Demographic Update Services:

Patient information needs to be verified and updated regularly. This service is critical as updated information must be available for processing the claims.


File claims

Claims are filed electronically or on paper depending on the insurance provider. We file it with maximum and accurate information at our hand to ensure that the rejection rate is minimized. Claim submission is the most crucial step and requires utmost care as this would determine speedy reimbursement. Claims rejected are loss of revenue and henceforth, claims must be submitted with all demographic information in the medical billing software.



We mail the statements as per the schedule. The protocols and standards of the statements and collections are customized as per your requirements. Our medical billing services are based on the client’s business needs.



Upon receipt of payments and details of benefits, we incorporate this information in the client’s database. We verify and reconcile all payments every month for accurate information.



Reports are generally extracted every month. However, as a client-centric organization, we customize reports and schedules as per your needs.

Medical billing is a complex and comprehensive process that requires expertise in pre-authorizations, accurate coding, compliances, claims processing and follow ups. High precision in RCM and robust workflow will ensure that you receive the maximum revenue. Our industry experience has made us effective in managing medical billing for your practice.


  • cash flow
    Cash Posting

    Complete recording and managing of cash posting is done with high end technology getting you better accuracy and security.


  • outsource medical billing
    Insurance payment posting

    This medical billing service includes payment posting for all payers and making necessary adjustments. It includes your diversified needs for primary insurance, adjustments, co-insurance transfer, secondary insurance, and all transactions.

  • medical billing service
    Self-pay posting

    Self-pay posting is easier with our systems, every self-pay payment is easily tracked and updated on the Dashboard.

  • medical biller
    Denial posting

    Claims denied are evaluated and posted with complete documents

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