Knack Global transforms how Medical coding can be a strategic tool to impact Revenue

Knack Global transforms how Medical coding can be a strategic tool to impact Revenue

Knack Global is a comprehensive revenue cycle management company that delivers end-to-end services to its clients. As experts in medical coding and billing, we have used these steps as a strategy to enhance revenue for their clients.

Powered with all competencies to manage RCM for the clients, Knack Global is one of the important players in the market. Starting from pre-billing to getting paid for the service, Knack Global executes each step with the vision to match with business objectives. Their pool of resources, knowledge, and expertise has led them to build solutions.

“Medical Coding is the transformative system that has brought standardization in the healthcare industry. Each procedure, diagnosis, and services have a code assigned to it, which are then being used for filing claims to insurance companies. If not being billed with the compliance-driven process and any errors may affect the RCM workflow.”, elaborates the RCM Team. As an RCM partner for its clients, Knack Global specializes in CPT, HCPCS, and ICD Coding and ensures high accuracy. To be an efficient RCM Company, one needs to be updated as per changing guidelines.

“We have professionals certified by AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) and offer coding services across all specialties.” adds the spokesperson of Knack Global. When asked about how they are able to build such upgraded systems, they replied, “Our process is designed to suit the needs of healthcare units and practices.”

Knack Global has a structured approach and is updated with the ICD 10, CPT 4, HCPCS coding resources. They have a strategic quality management system for HIPAA regulations and compliance, ensuring high accuracy, and better reimbursement rates. A lot of claims are rejected due to incorrect coding and ensuring precision in your coding cycle can lead to better revenue.

As Coding is a vast subject, only a few service providers can do it all. Knack Global is an expert in multiple specialties like cardiology, radiology, neurology, oncology, pediatrics, pathology, and many others. With extensive experience, KnackGlobal has intensive expertise with different billing software.

HealthCare market is ever changing with more guidelines & regulations entering the medical fields, RCM service providers can only thrive on their competitive edge. Having transparency is one of the key aspects that helps in building trust with clients. A medical practice expects detailed reports and functional reports from their service provider to understand real-time situation. This gives them more transparency on the operations. Outsourcing medical coding is a rising trend as it reduces operational costs. Maintaining in-house coders can be expensive for any practice. Be it physician groups or a vast healthcare setup, having a coding partner is the key to better functionality. Building the right infrastructure, staff training and data analytics is the key to leverage the coding process. An Efficient RCM service provider should also look for coding patterns to get more insights on the revenue cycle. Overall, KnackGlobal has complete strategies to utilize the power of medical coding and make it more than just a administrative step. Medical Coding can be used as a tool to streamline your revenue cycle.

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