Knack Global Gears to the New Trends in Telehealth

Knack Global Gears to the New Trends in Telehealth

With new transformations in the healthcare industry post COVID, Knack Global steers with a series of changes to benefit the clients.

There is a huge demand for telehealth services post-COVID and most companies are coping up with the new normal. As there is an increase in demand for telehealth services and people are doing most tasks remotely, this will bring in new changes. Knack Global is one of the leading revenue cycle management companies which is offering end-to end services to its clients for Telehealth services. The unique proposition for the company is its ability to leverage on technology. “We have always been a pro-technology company and we always invest our resources in getting ahead”, comments RCM Department Head.

The Healthcare system faced many challenges during pandemic times. Patients are skipping routine care due to fear of infection and this is affecting the revenue. Rescheduling of services and skipping many administrative steps that involve human interaction has changed the way they function. The revenue cycle is a crucial procedure and it has to be revamped. Right from the pre-booking to scheduling, medical coding, and billing; each step is now affected with the pandemic. Many companies were not able to upgrade themselves and match the new scenario.

Knack Global team proudly states that “We are one of the few players in the market who have actually performed more efficiently due to our capabilities.” As a veteran organization with more than a decade in the industry, Knack Global is more than just a revenue cycle management organization. We are a solutions-driven vendor that focuses on the business objectives of the client. When it comes to procedures like credentialing, enrollment, payment posting, and medical billing; we are seasoned experts with specialized teams. There is no compromise on the quality of patient care and the pandemic has not affected their work. It has been an opportunity to completely evolve the way they function. As per a recent study, there is has been a huge upsurge in non-urgent virtual care requests in 2020. The restrictions are eased when it comes to telehealth reimbursements. As more and more providers adopt technology, Knack Global was already the pioneer in this criterion.

Patients are happy with virtual care as this avoids long waiting lines. It has benefited them in terms of freedom as distance and transportation is not a concern. The market is becoming more competitive as patients are exploring more options online. Making appointments, refilling prescriptions, and consulting professionals are now online. Knack Global was already equipped with these features for the clients. Going paperless and optimizing technology was one of the hallmarks for them.

When companies are considering using the telehealth facility, Knack Global has already actioned their results. “It is not new for us. We have always looked forward to utilizing technology and this move is so much to our advantage”, mentions RCM Head. Knack Global not just caters to client needs but also closely understands the market trends. As we are providers across various specialties, we have a good grip over what works in the market.

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