Knack Billing Solutions (KBS)

Knack Global has developed its most remarkable practice management software. Knack billing Solutions has a hoard of features that have been developed with over years of expertise in the industry. It is a power packed package that helps you resolve your issues around billing. It gives you better control over your RCM and augment accuracy. Cost effective yet value adding to your business, our billing software is a powerful tool to grow your cash flow.

Knack Billing Solutions is built around your billing cycle to enhance each task. It enables you to deliver in faster turnaround time. Our Software has various tools like Charges vs Payment, Yearly Summary, Dental Summary and AR Summary. All of these provide better insights of your practice. 


Features of Knack Global Billing Software

Charges vs Payments

  • You get a summarized view of the charges as per the criteria you choose. You may want to view reports as per total count, per day average or per day count. Charges report can be customized and scheduled according to your requirements.
  • Payment summary is also a click away. You may select any criteria like total count of transactions, payments posted per day, average payments and much more.
  • You may get a daily summary report of charges vs payment. It is an effective tool to understand the effectiveness of the billing system.
  • Claims Progress report is another useful feature of this software. You may view how many claims are pending and how many are sent to the payer. It can also track the on-hold claims.

Top 10 CPTs

  • You can get graphical data for a better understanding.  All of these reports are valuable information to understand your existing system.
  • You can view a summary of the top 10 billed CPTs and the top paid CPTs.
  • Summary of the top 10 payers by charges is another valuable information.
  • Summary of the top 10 paid CPTs can also be useful to understand the cash flow patterns.

Yearly Summary

  • You can get the month wise summary of the charges. Getting a comparative report as per previous year charges is just a click away in this software.
  • You can  get a yearly summary that details you the pattern over a year. You get comparison data over a few years and analyze the trends.

Denial Summary

  • Tracking your denials is crucial to understand the hindrances of your cash flow. You can easily extract the topmost denials based on the CPTs.

AR Summary

  • You can track lags between the payment and submission dates. It directly calculates the days to get a payment. You can also track individual payments and get a summarized average for a broader understanding.
  • It summarizes Aging buckets. You can track ARs like 31-60 days, 61-90 days, 91-120 days & 120+ days.

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