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Knack Global is a comprehensive service company that helps hospitals and medical units enhance revenue. We help you leverage our RCM expertise to let you focus on quality care and improved patient care experience.

The healthcare industry is complex and competitive which results in escalating receivables and un-optimized cash flow. It is beyond the volume of business but now is centered on the value it creates for the business unit. Getting paid is a major challenge that hospitals find difficult to battle. A large amount of time and resources are being spent to recover the receivables.


Compliances and regulations have also been adding up to these challenges. Documentation and administrative tasks are becoming a burden for hospitals. Outsourcing the RCM workflow has eased these issues for major leaders in medical care and is a value-added move. It not just executes the responsibility but does it efficiently.

Our extensive experience in RCM across various medical streams has helped us to closely understand each step and work towards insightful data analytics. This has helped us devise strategic moves for hospitals to optimize their RCM. From coding to billing, posting to follow up; we have complete solutions for you.

RCM is broader than coding, billing, and doing documentation. It requires deep data analysis to understand the trends and plan activities accordingly. It is the balance between payables and receivables that helps maximize the cash flow. Knack Global empowers hospitals to achieve their best in revenue management.

We offer comprehensive Hospital billing services that include

  • The complete workflow of revenue cycle management
  • Accurate and efficient medical coding
  • Improvements in the documentation and administrative tasks
  • Insightful metrics for better analysis
  • Application services to integrate workflow
  • Enhancing the analytical power of data

There is an escalating complexity of the revenue cycle across specialties and high volume hospitals. Knack Global hospital billing services can help you maximize revenues with fewer resources in a hassle free-way.

Why Knack Global is your preferred outsourcing partner !

  • Outsourcing is a smart solution for any hospital billing requirements. With Knack Global as your outsourcing partner, the entire billing and collection process is being handled at a fraction of your current operating costs.
  • Our Hospital billing experts through focused billing, follow-up, denials & appeals management, and patient-centric account resolution, delivers high-impact solutions to improve cash and performance on Aging A/R

Key indicators that make us best!

  • Knack Global Billers and Coders ensure 40% reduction in your front end denials
  • Eliminating the issues of manual entry and improving system efficiency with our products.
  • Improving on the accuracy of the charges and enhancing reimbursements.
  • Posting payment adjustments and reimbursements to help in better cash flow.
  • Dedicated Account manager for all your needs.
  • High-quality and error-free hospital billing services.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver quality services.
  • Leverage the latest tools and technologies.
  • Easily scalable services at any time.
  • Quality control measures and structured processes to ensure error-free billing.
  • Direct communication with billing and coding experts.
  • Easily gain insights into the revenue side of your hospital with real-time and dynamic dashboard.


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