HIPAA Compliance

Knack Global not just helps you with RCM workflow, IT and staffing solutions but also invest resources in ensuring compliances and regulations are met. The healthcare industry is a highly regulated and monitored business and any non-compliance may result in penalties.

We employ a security and privacy officer for our client who is fully responsible for all compliances. We ensure that the organization is fully HIPAA Compliant. Our key objectives include:

  • Complete integrity and confidentiality of the PHI. All data we create, receive, transmit or maintain is handled with confidentiality.
  • Complete protection against threats, hazards or security issues for the PHI.
  • Reliable protection against any probable losses or disclosures.
  • Guidance in compliance with coding procedures and practices
  • Assist the internal team in auditing and confidential reporting. We also guide you with the enforcement and prevention guidelines
  • Monitoring and tracking to specialty coding
  • Train the staff on compliance and government audit requirements.

Knack Global RCM Services add value to your healthcare practice. We collaborate with you and our process is like an extended arm to your billing cycle. Even in your non-working hours, claims are processed and our technology manages your labor-intensive billing procedures.

Compliance Driven Process

We not just optimize your billing process but ensure the sustainability of the business. Our processes are driven by compliances and regulations. This helps us minimize declines and meet HIPAA requirements. RCM is not just about increasing revenue and minimizing debt, it is also about running the revenue cycle as per the set rules and regulations in order to gain profitability. Penalties, denials and legal hassles can give a setback to your business. Our processes are compliant and henceforth are more sustainable.

Beginning from initial steps to complete stages of the billing system, we ensure seamless operations between you and the insurance companies. You can rely on our high precision system that is ISO 9001:2015 certified. You can be assured of zero-violations and a robust system that is optimized for your requirements.

HIPAA Readiness

Knack Global deals with compliances very strictly and any deviations are handled with serious action. We are advanced in handling your data with high security. You can rely on us as we employ proven tactics to attain the compliances:

Data Confidentiality

Healthcare information is highly sensitive and data confidentiality is the top priority for any medical service provider. All PCs are fully locked down, without any data extraction port, USB or drive. There is no email access and data cannot be moved from the system. There are safety tools employed and firewall is installed for additional security.

Physical Security

There is a strict entry and nobody is allowed without screening. Mobiles, cameras or any devices are strictly prohibited in the facility. There is an entry for authorized personnel only and security guards are employed to safeguard the facility.

Employee Hiring & Background Checks

We conduct extensive background checks for all our employees. The Employee Confirmation Process is an intensive aspect of our recruitment. All our employees are thoroughly trained on confidentiality mandates and sign non-disclosure agreements.

All employees have system access only with closely monitored login IDs and passwords. Any sensitive information has controlled access and client data is dealt with the utmost confidentiality. As per HIPAA compliance, all employees get trained on confidentiality maintenance.


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