HealthCare IT Services & Support

Nowadays, Clinical data’s quality, efficiency, security, and accessibility is driven by Technology. The technology has to be updated all the time without any exceptions or excuses. To deliver system reliability each component of the framework should efficiently work with the next.

By collaborating with clients, We make improvements in their workflow systems, management systems, and productivity-boosting modules daily. We centralize our expertise in business intelligence and technological mastery.

Knack Global provides a framework for the technical infrastructure of your hospital or medical practice. We specialize in delivering and supporting technology solutions for your practice.

From operating system and software support to hosting and disaster recovery, Knack Global IT experts offer a broad spectrum of healthcare IT support services.

If you plug it in, Knack Global Healthcare IT Can Support It

Our experienced healthcare professionals help you to tackle any kind of technical issues that you face in your practice. We make our strategies around system administration, data extraction and migration, the archival of patient data and accounts receivable wind-down.

HelpDesk Services

We are providing Medical Manager software support for more than a decade. We also support our billing software (Knack Billing Software and Statcred), with an ability to resell revenue cycle management services in any care setting for any billing application.

Virtual IT Services and Support

IT Hosting Services

We manage the data center and provide you space so that you can take advantage of the most up-to-date, up-time, fault-tolerant offerings with online data backups. Our hosting services will keep you protected from cybercrime, power failure, and faulty data backups.

Operating System Support

We provide services for systems running on Operating systems like SCO UNIX, Microsoft Windows, Linux, IBM AIX, and HPUX.

Data Vaulting (Online Backup Services)

According to sources, around 55% of tape backups are not able to restore systems successfully. By virtual online backups and routine verification, we make sure that data is safe and protected.

Disaster Recovery

Patient information needs to be protected all the time even when your local computers are not running. We provide you disaster recovery services such as remote backups, standby servers, and rapid recover which keeps you running all the time.

Network Engineering and Management

We provide you optimal and secure network performance for your clinical applications and connections through systematic planning, monitoring, and support.


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