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Knack Global is an advanced service provider that caters to the holistic needs of the healthcare industry. Our focus is to become a one-stop solution that caters to each business unit in the industry. Powered with expertise in the RCM work procedures and technological prowess, we have designed our spectrum of services for everyone.

DME Billing Services is one of the most time consuming and tedious system in the industry. Durable Medical Equipment (DME), or Home Medical Equipment (HME) has complex guidelines. It is a stringent quality system and the latest regulations require a constant upgrade of the coding. Reimbursement guidelines of Medicare and Medicaid require robust documentation.


Our knowledge and technical expertise enable us to deal with these complexities effectively.

Knack Global employs a specialized team for DME billing services who help you streamline your RCM and deal with the challenges. All your problems around the billing cycle are taken care of with a very cost-effective method. You can focus on your general business operations, marketing your brand and executing your core competencies as Knack Global relieves you from the hassles of DME billing.


We have hands-on experience in the DMEPOS billing process and we fully understand the complexities. DME companies in Prosthetics & Orthotics invest a lot of time in coordination and communication with the physician office. Some DME’s requires prior authorization and multiple follow-ups. Having a dedicated DME Billing service provider helps you streamline the process and track every transaction. In DME Billing, there are very specific payer guidelines and an inappropriate processing may result in higher denials.

Knack Global has a thorough knowledge of coding & payer guidelines and we delegate resources for payer follow-ups that not just reduces your turnaround time but also improve your cash flow. It is a cycle beginning from order entry to zero balance in account and everything in between. It may involve eligibility checks, authorizations, delivery schedule, sales orders, claim submission, rejections management and AR follow-ups.


  • Get paid faster without any hassles of billing and claim submitting procedures.
  • Follow up on incomplete documentation and prescriptions
  • Follow up and document support for verification forms, LMN and CMN
  • Accurate and effective creation of sales order
  • Stringent Audits and verification process
  • Insurance verification (primary, secondary & rental items)
  • Obtaining and extending authorizations
  • CPAP compliances and managing non-compliances
  • Faster turnaround of claim submission
  • Follow up of rejections within 24 hours
  • Complete track and follow up of partial/incorrect payments
  • Denial Management and AR Analysis
  • Faster and accurate payment posting
  • Custom reports and analytic


Our experts are extensively experienced in billing software and best practices. We have worked on several applications like:
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Key indicators that make Knack Global the best DME billing service provider.

  • We are a 100% HIPAA compliant medical billing company.
  • We provide end to end revenue cycle management services and working for 100+ DME suppliers.
  • Our expert and experienced medical billers ensure high precision for meeting your denial management priorities.
  • As a trusted medical billing company it’s our responsibility to identify the hindrances in your process and filling them up with our accounts receivable analysis.
  • A/R followup team follows a splendid recovery method to ensure higher collection for your billing.


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