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The advent of market competition, governmental regulations and complex business functioning has made healthcare industry challenging. There has been a steep rise in costs due to which margins have been squeezed down making healthcare a tough business in terms of cash flow and financial feasibility. For delivering effective and efficient services, you need more insightful and innovative business process. While core competency for a medical center is about offering health solutions to patients, managing business often becomes a major complication. It requires deep data analysis, extracting useful insights, creating and implementation of a holistic solution for the business.

Knack Global specialized is equipped with hand-on experience, industry knowledge, innovation-led modelling and insightful research for making a solution to all your business needs. Our professionals will review your scheduling, registration, HIM, patient’s financial services, general workflow and procedures in detail. We have a vigorous audit system to know each element of the HIS System and configure the claims processing accordingly.

You can leverage on our effective RCM services that helps you maximize on your financial income stream. Our Business and Analytic Services are based on your strategic vision and business metrics. We symbiotically associate with our clients in devising processes that is in line with their objectives and profitability requirements.

Highlights of our Business Analytics and Consulting Services

We have a data driven approach and a statistical focus for delivering solutions that offer you competitive edge. Deep analysis of data and driving results makes us a value partner for your healthcare center. We have a comprehensive approach along with leading edge technology that helps us transform the way you function and deliver superior services couples with better business performance.

Our business analytics services include:


Retail Analytics

Identifying, attracting and retaining customers is the sustainable approach towards business profitability. It helps enhancing ROI and converge to a path of value driven business. Our Analytics will help you identify the value adding customers and the trend that help you improvise as a business.

Supply Chain Analytics

Achieving supply chain efficiency forges better business operations. It has a cumulative impact on reducing working capital, cost control and improving profitability. We can devise an insightful plan that is based on your current data and help you seek solutions in the future.

Financial Analytics

Our financial analysis can help you identify key cost and revenue trends and establishing better benchmarks. It will help you optimize your financial functionality and create a long-term business feasibility.


Survey Analytics

Getting ahead with futuristic technology should be based on business acumen. Survey analytics renders valuable information about your customers, competitors and market patterns. Having this information will help you devise better business systems that is more profitable.

Text Analytics

We cannot improve anything that we cannot measure. Text analytics helps you quantify qualitative data and converge to meaningful information.

Risk Analytics

The volatile and complex business scenario requires managing risk and develop a mitigation plan. It helps you build business excellence and leverage on competencies.
data collection

Collections Analytics

The key to better cash management is how accounts receivables and payables are balanced. In depth analysis of your collections and the patterns will reveal the right dynamics to deal with underlying issues. We can find a strategy to manage the collections leading to better cash flow.
predictive models

Predictive Analytics

It is a scenario-based analysis that studies patterns, historical data and render projections. Predictive analysis help you map future situations and prepare a contingency plan.

Dashboard Preparation

Proper tracking metrics and tools are required and the dashboard showcases important information. Your dashboard will help you manage your business cycle optimally.


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