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About Knack Global

Knack Global is a leading-edge expert in services that helps healthcare business to leverage their core competencies while we optimize their RCM functionality. We position our brand as a comprehensive solution that offers revenue cycle management, IT and staffing solutions. Powered with best in class technology and a competent team of professionals, we are proficient in meeting your dynamic needs. Functioning across hospitals, health systems, physician groups, DMEPOS Suppliers, surgical & ambulatory care centers and dental practices; Knack Global has been serving industry leaders for over a decade. Operationally active across the US, Knack Global is a leading RCM expert with comprehensive domain knowledge, process optimization, operational efficiency, and cost minimization. Our services have been value-creating for Fortune 500 organizations. We have been trusted partners in leading healthcare companies in the United States.

Our processes are built on the paradigm of extensive experience in building systems that focus on increasing revenue and enhancing cash flow. Healthcare is an ever-changing industry that has cross-functionality between providing medical services, insurance providers and compliances. We are intensively experienced in this structure and know the best practices to optimize it. Knack Global focusses on creating results by using innovation, service excellence and value creation.

We believe in collaborating with our clients and become their partner for achieving business objectives. Enabling them to focus on their core competency of providing quality medical care, we empower them with operational excellence, enhanced operating margins, and better cash flow.


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